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#ThrowBackThursday – because there’s nothing like a blast from the past!

Throwback Thursday – Christmas 2009: BESSIE!

Christmas 2009 - BESSIE!
Christmas 2009 – BESSIE!

Back in 2009 Matt’s Imperial Guard were proving a tough nut to crack, so for the Christmas game we had All vs Imperial Guard.

What Matt didn’t expect was a Paperhammer Titan that Gaz had made dubbed BESSIE. The look on Matt’s face and the following 10 minutes of speechlessness was beautiful.

Throwback Thursday – Crooked Dice at Salute 2012

Crooked Dice - Salute 2012
Miss King, is that corn doll moving?


Salute 2015 is only just around the corner so here’s a picture from 2012. Matt joined the Crooked Dice team for a day of 7TV Gaming.

Here is Hugo Solomon and Pandora King taking on a living scarecrow…


Crooked Dice Games Design Website

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Throwback Thursday – Swarmm Wargames at Games Day 2002

Swarmm at Games Day 02
Swarmm at Games Day 02

A long time ago (in a galaxy far away…) before the White Eagles there was Swarmm…

Here are a few of the old members at Games Day 2002 doing an Inquisitor display game.

The terrain was all custom built and took a lot of putting together, the 8 by 4 board was fully tiled from old cereal boxes. Some of the members still can’t look at a box of Frosties without having ‘Nam style flashbacks!