Coming Soon to Weagles!

It’s crazy to think that it’s been over a year since Weagles moved back to Ipswich! Since then loads has happened, the club has grown and we’ve hosted 4 successful standalone tournaments! Madness! So what’s going to be coming up at Weagles over the next few months? We’ve currently got the Kings of War League … Continue reading

40K – Times They Are A Changin…

Saturday saw the expected announcement of 40K 8th Edition… The player-base kept thier cool, well, some of it did… Today saw a live Q&A from GW that details a bit more about what will be changing in 8th! Faeit 212/Natfka has done a handy write up of what was discussed and it can be found … Continue reading

Howling Banshee by Narga Cosplay

It’s been a while since we last did a GW inspired cosplay post (just shy of two years to be exact) but with the Eldar taking centre stage in Gathering Storm II: Fracture of Biel-Tan, it was time to follow our past posts on Kosataya (Valhallan Guardswoman) and Khelga Khromaya (Russian style Space Marine) and … Continue reading

Weagle Bowl 2016 – Results

Hello sports fans! Welcome to the Weagle Bowl results show with me, Daphne Dukes! What a day it was! 4 gruelling games of Blood Bowl in the course of one day, this gave the coaches a real chance to show their stamina and prove they deserved the top spot! Even the destruction of the Old … Continue reading

Are the Big Games Dying?

I’ve noticed over the past year that games such as Batman Miniatures game (BMG), Frostgrave (FG) and the new (to the club anyway) Marvel Universe Miniatures game (MUMG), seem to be grabbing more and more players, now what’s this down to? Well I’m sticking my neck out and saying the following. COST: I would say … Continue reading

Miniature Monday – Mortarion

#miniaturemonday Ben's amazing Mortarion on of my favourites from the Horus Heresy collection. #spacemarines #warhammer40000 #warhammer #40k #tabletop #painting #miniatures #citadel #gamesworkshop #gw #forgeworld #fw A post shared by White Eagles Wargames (@whiteeagleswgc) on Mar 21, 2016 at 5:42am PDT Mortarion by Ben Edwards

WIP Wednesday – Logan, Star Wars and a Tile…

#WIPWednesday Logan Grimnars Chariot by Lee Wright Checkerboard tile for diorama by James Salisbury Base coated Rebel Commander and Trandoshan Hunter for Imperial Assault by Jon Halls

WIP Wednesday – Tzeentch Titan, Dark Angels and Jokers Little Helper…

#WIPWednesday Dark Angels by Peter Cass – Deadlines really help focus the mind when it comes to painting! Tzeentch Warbird Scout Titan by Jon Halls Jokers Little Helper, aka Harley Quinn for the Batman Miniature Game by Matt Holden