Thunderbirds ARE Go!

tbrgoWell, that was a present surprise, the new Thunderbirds is actually quite good.

The vehicles look good, the island looks good, there’s a  good sense of drama and action, and my kids really liked it.

It calls on the original with the moving swimming pool and collapsing palm trees, but Thunder birds 1 & 2 now look like they are really powerful (when Thunderbird 1 exits the swimming pool, it blows the garden furniture  out of the way).

Yes I know that some hard core TB fans won’t like it, but hey, can’t be as bad as the 2004 movie version!

For some reason ITV have now moved the rest of the series to Saturday morning’s, after the Saturday afternoon premier, this may result in a loss of viewers.

Hopefully the rest of the series maintains the premiers high standard.

No doubt, because I like it, it will get cancelled.

Gazworks score 8/10.

ITV News Link:

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